Message from the Chair of the Steering Committee - Akilagpa Sawyerr

On behalf of the Steering Committee of STAR-Ghana, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the second phase of the STAR-Ghana programme.

The first phase of the programme achieved a number of significant results, while also providing key learning on how a programme such as STAR-Ghana could support... Read more

Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Ghana (STAR-Ghana) is a voice and empowerment programme which supports civil society to strengthen accountability and responsiveness of the state to citizens’ issues.

The second phase of STAR-Ghana is managed by a consortium led by Christian Aid with Mango, Social Development Direct, Overseas Development Institute, Nkum Associates and On Our Radar. The consortium brings together a range and depth of expertise combined with a shared vision to establish STAR-Ghana as a Ghanaian owned and led entity mobilising active citizens and civil society around accountability.

The programme is in its second phase of implementation, the first phase having ended in April 2015. The second phase builds upon the results and learning from phase one (read more: Programme Completion Report) to achieve a step-change in how citizens are supported to address the underlying constraints to democratic governance, and inclusive and sustainable national development.

The programme has a dual focus - catalysing the efforts of civil society towards systemic change and working towards the creation of a national institution/endowment fund to sustain support for these efforts beyond the life of STAR-Ghana (read more: STAR 2 Design Framework).

STAR-Ghana will provide a comprehensive, coordinated and strategic push to enable citizens hold leaders to account by:

  • Convening key parts of Ghana's civil society
  • Coordinating and leading in carefully analysed and selected areas where civil society is not currently able to engage
  • Connecting the dots between grassroots interventions and policy level organisations, Parliament, engaging the public through the media and social media.

These actions will be backed up by facilitating partnerships, calls for proposals for competitive grants, and working towards the establishment of STAR-Ghana as a self-sustaining, wholly Ghanaian institution with a central role in mobilising active citizens and civil society around accountability.

The second phase of the programme was conceptualised by the Steering Committee through broad and nationwide consultations with key stakeholders. The Steering Committee is responsible for the overall management and strategic oversight and direction of STAR-Ghana.

Christian Aid leads the consortium contracted to manage the programme providing technical and administration support. Christian Aid also has specific responsibility for the management of all grants disbursed.

The second phase of the programme is funded by DFID, DANIDA, and the EU with a total budget of £22million for a period of five-years ending September 2020.